Florida bill would ban retreaded truck tires from public roads and highways

Jan. 27, 2007

Proposed legislation that would prohibit the use of retreaded truck tires on Florida highways is being opposed by the Tire Retread Information Bureau (TRIB).

Florida State Senator Victor Crist has introduced Bill S912 "prohibiting the use of recapped or retreaded tires on truck tractors, pole trailers or semitrailers operated on the public roads, streets, or highways of this state." If passed, the act will take effect July 1, 2007.

TRIB Managing Director Harvey Brodsky immediately sent an e-mail to Senator Crist objecting to the bill, and sent him a packet of TRIB materials for his review.

"On behalf of the entire retread industry, and especially Florida retreaders, we believe this bill would greatly impede the retread and trucking industry in Florida and would create havoc with out of state trucks coming into Florida," wrote Brodsky.

"We assume you have introduced this bill because of the large amount of tire debris found on Florida highways. If this is the case, we certainly understand your concern and, in fact, our industry shares it. The Tire Retread Information Bureau spends an enormous amount of time and resources to educate truckers and other motorists about the importance of properly maintaining their tires.

"We do this because the true cause of tire debris on highways everywhere is improper tire maintenance. Tires that are improperly maintained (underinflated, overloaded, mismatched on dual wheel positions, misaligned) will fail and come apart, given enough time -- and it doesn't matter whether the tire is a retread or one that has never been retreaded," wrote Brodsky.

If you are interested in voicing your opinion on the issue, you can e-mail Senator Crist at [email protected].

To read S912, visit www.flsenate.gov/session/index.cfm?BI_Mode=ViewBillInfo&Mode=Bills&SubMenu=1&Year=2007&billnum=912.