Michelin announces motorcycle tire recall

June 15, 2007

Groupe Michelin is recalling Michelin Pilot Power 2CT and Pilot Power 120/70ZR17 motorcycle tires stamped "Made in France." The tires were for sale in the United States and Canada.

"An examination of these tires showed a possible defect in the tread due to a manufacturing irregularity," say Michelin officials. "No cases of pressure loss have been reported and no accidents have occurred."

The tires can be identified by the following numbers: DOT 6UCW 980T or DOT 6UCW 979T.

Michelin has set up the following phone number to handle inquiries: (866)324-2835.

"The company will be replacing all potentially affected tires in a comprehensive commitment to retrieve from the market any tire that does not meet Michelin quality standards.

"Replacement tires are available at no cost (including mounting and balancing) to consumers through participating Michelin motorcycle tire servicing retailers."