Hunter adds to high-performance tire changer line

June 20, 2007

Hunter Engineering Co.’s new TC3500-SS-HP high-performance tire changer groups offer complete packages of equipment and accessories to enhance overall wheel and tire service.

The HP accessories ease wheel clamping, bead loosening and tire mounting and ensure the safe handling of difficult combinations, such as high-performance reversed drop-center wheels and custom alloy designs matched with run-flat or low-profile tires, the company says.

HP Accessory Kits also are available to upgrade Hunter TC3500 tire changers already in use.

The TC3500 tire changer's hydraulic bead loosening roller system gently rolls the tire off or on the rim under complete command of the operator with a simple two-finger controller, reports Hunter. The rollers are strong enough to hold the tire stationary while the rim is rotated to complete match-mounting procedures.

The rubber-pad “tulip” clamping system secures the wheel in place and rotates it smoothly to safely work in unison with roller forces or the mounting arm without risk of damaging the rim or tire bead.

The three-point articulated mounting arm allows the polymer mounting head to follow the rim edge, even if the wheel is mounted off-center. Made of a wearing material and riding closer to the rim than steel mounting heads, the polymer head removes the potential of marring damage and reduces the stress to beads.

The optional pneumatic wheel lift helps technicians mount wheels effortlessly, preventing potential injuries and fatigue from manually lifting heavy wheels into place. The pedal-controlled wheel lift quickly raises the wheel and automatically positions it over the clamps for easy mounting. The technician’s hands are free to control the wheel assembly once it is lifted into the mounting position.

All wheel-contact parts are polymer-coated to protect the finish on custom wheels. The lift handles wheels up to 140 pounds and takes up minimal space around the tire changer, reports Hunter.

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