Wrangler MT/R Military Edition tire gains Humvee fitment approval

Oct. 26, 2007

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. received fitment approval from the United States military for its new Wrangler MT/R Military Edition tire.

The new tire will begin application on all "High Mobility Multi-purpose Wheeled Vehicles" (Humvees) in January 2008. Humvees are commonly used in personnel and light cargo transport in combat zones.

The Wrangler MT/R Military Edition replaces Goodyear's longtime Wrangler MT tire, which has been the only Humvee original equipment and replacement tire since 1982. (The company also offers a civilian version of the Wrangler MT/R.)

The Wrangler MT/R Military Edition features the following:

* tread life improvement over the current tire;

* patented "anti-puncture pads" to help resist shoulder punctures;

* a three-ply sidewall construction and advanced silica compound for enhanced toughness and strength;

* a Durawall rubber compound to help resist punctures, cuts and tears; and

* an aggressive tread pattern for traction in mud, dirt, sand, rock and snow.

Goodyear, which has supplied tires to the U.S. military for more than 100 years, produces all of its military combat tires in the U.S.