Art Blumenthal Revamps Website To Help Buyers, Sellers of Tire Stores

Jan. 14, 2019

Art Blumenthal LLC, a business broker that specializes in the automotive aftermarket, has redesigned its website with more resources to help those buying and selling tire stores and auto service centers.

“My experience and research over the past nine years in my role as a business brokerage intermediary has shown that a majority of shop owners considering the sale of their businesses need a starting point at which their questions about maximizing sales price and step-by-step selling process procedures can be efficiently addressed," says Blumenthal. "My brand new website is designed to be a central clearinghouse of information specifically for those contemplating a sale in the next one-to-five years, as well as for those considering entry into the tire and auto service industry as shop owners."

Here's a rundown of some of the topics covered on

  • business valuation,
  • exit planning strategies,
  • independents versus franchises,
  • bank financing,
  • necessary paperwork, and
  • in-depth case studies of the experiences of previous sellers and buyers.

The site is designed for both buyers and sellers. Blumenthal has a buyer registry to match buyers and sellers. There are tools to advise sellers on how to improve their "sellability" and increase a business' value.

Buyers can search for available businesses on a map; they'll also find a confidentially agreement and buyer profile. Buyers can complete a profile and electronically sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) either on a computer or mobile phone.

Eventually, the site will feature an on-demand version of Blumenthal's two-hour webinar entitled “Business Succession Planning for Aftermarket Shop Owners,” which provides an in-depth discussion of 10 success factors to maximize business sale price.

Blumenthal says, “Right now in 2019, I am actively working with both individual entrepreneurs and corporate chain buyers seeking new business opportunities and expansion and matching them with sellers looking for a retirement exit strategy. The new website acts as a knowledge-based destination in which both buyers and sellers can capitalize on industry growth activities fueled by positive economic condition forecasts and renewed business optimism.”

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