Hennessy introduces Coats XR 1800 wheel balancer

Jan. 14, 2003

The new Coats XR 1800 wheel balancer from Hennessy Industries Inc. was designed to prevent comebacks, not solve them.

A complete diagnostics package runs with every tire and wheel balance -- adding just two to three seconds to the process, according to the company. It also notifies the technician if there's a problem that can affect balance quality.

"There's no question that wheel balancing today is much more complicated than it was even five years ago," says Kevin Keefe, group marketing manager for tire service. "Low profile tires, stiffer frames and tighter suspensions, closer brake tolerances and other factors mean that there are more ways for vibration to cause customer dissatisfaction."

He says even a technician with minimal experience can quickly spot and correct difficult balancing conditions such as radial runout, or accommodate customer requests for behind-the-spoke wheel weight placement, with the new Coats balancer.

A digital, touchless sensor is built into the hood of the XR 1800, so that A, W and D measurements are taken automatically. "There's no need for an outer arm," he says.

The XR 1800 also has features such as:

* a video screen with real-time 3-D graphics, visual cues and help screens to guide the technician through the balancing process.

* 12 balancing modes that encompass dynamic and static balancing, match-mounting, and more.

* an onboard air supply, "so you don't have to go to a tire changer for rotate and balance jobs."

The unit also comes with an accesories carousel (and its own set of accessories); a removable, sliding tool tray; and side storage pegs. It is price-competitive with comparable balancers in the market, adds Keefe.