MyRepairShop introduces shop management software

Feb. 7, 2003

MyRepairShop Inc. recently released Version 3.5

of its Shop Management Software (SMS) system, as well as a simplification of its membership program matrix.

MyShopStar V3.5 incorporates a large number of significant SMS refinements and productivity enhancements, according to the company.

"While the MyShopStar system has previously been both extremely robust and reliable, our Version 3.5 brings forward an overall streamlining effect which gives the user an exceptionally high-caliber performance," says new CEO Ray Birden. Birden replaced former CEO Brad Hays earlier this year.

"We've also recently streamlined our program matrix, allowing shop members greater flexibility in selecting elements. This re-organization enables us to more effectively adjust our delivery of MyRepairShop components to match the immediate needs of the individual service center.

"In effect, members may choose to 'grow' their use of supplementary program elements over time," adds Birden.

MyRepairShop is an auto repair center technology and business services company.