VMI introduces large passenger tire manufacturing machine

Feb. 7, 2003

VMI Americas Inc.'s new VMI 348-S tire building machine is designed to produce radial passenger tires with either tread-over-sidewall or sidewall-over-tread construction, plus wider components.

The machine's two-drum configuration "will change the way tires will be built in the next decade for large size tires," says VMI Americas President and CEO Chuck Fritz.

Its advanced automation "ensures highly accurate placement of the tire components with the added benefit of reducing the machine's manpower requirements to just one operator.

"Rapid change-overs can be made to different bead diameters, tire constructions and number of components."

The VMI 348-S can build broad-line tires to high performance tires, according to Fritz.

It contains such features as ultra-sonic cutters, length measurement components and camera-guided material applications.

Headquartered in the Netherlands, VMI has 40 years experience in supplying rubber processing, tire manufacturing and tire testing equipment.