Falken re-names tuner parts program

Feb. 12, 2003

Falken Tire Corp. is now marketing its high-performance tuner parts program under the “Factory Tuned” brand name.

The program, which was formally introduced at the International Tire Expo last November, will be sold through independent tire dealers starting next month.

Parts were originally going to be marketed under Falken’s Azenis brand name but parent company Ohtsu Tire & Rubber Co. vetoed the moniker, says Richard Smallwood, Falken’s vice president of sales and marketing.

The Factory Tuned program consists of two sub-brands: “Street Sport,” a mass-market brand; and “Pure Sport,” which targets high-end premium vehicles.

“We’re trying to create new opportunities for dealers,” Smallwood says.

Falken also rolled out its Falken-brand custom wheel program last November.