TIA launches first phase of technician training

Sept. 16, 2003

Beginning today, the Tire Industry Association (TIA) is accepting orders for the first phase of its comprehensive online Automotive Tire Service (ATS) Training Program.

The 200 Level Basic ATS Program is the first educational course developed by TIA since its formation in July 2002. The new program provides step-by-step instructions for each key element of automobile, sport-utility and light truck tire and wheel service.

The Basic ATS is designed for new hires, but includes enough information to also meet the needs of experienced technicians in need of training.

It is sold as a 12-month subscription with unlimited access to the Web-based component.

Pricing for the Basic ATS Program ranges from $100 to $150 each for TIA members, depending on the quantity purchased.

Proof of training is easy because with the Internet version of Basic ATS, a database automatically tracks each student as he or she participates. For those without Internet access, the Basic ATS Package includes a DVD, VHS tape and 200-page workbook for self-study or leader-led training.

Basic ATS features eight modules covering tire construction, vehicle jacking/lifting, tire/wheel assembly installation and removal, rim clamp demount/mount/inflate procedures, center-post demount/mount/inflate procedures, tire balancing, tire repair, and diagnosing tire problems.

The workbook, developed by TIA and Delphi-ISS with input from Bridgestone, Continental, Cooper, Goodyear, Hunter and Michelin, serves as a guide during the training and becomes an important reference tool in the shop following the instruction, says TIA.

"Basic ATS is another example of TIA's commitment to keep training and education on the leading edge of technology," said Tom Raben, TIA president and president of Raben Tire Co., Evansville, Ind.

"With the tremendous technician turnover problem in the retail tire sector, we needed to harness the power of the Internet so we can take geography and the need to shuffle papers out of the equation. With a Web-based training program linked to a central database that tracks each student, TIA can offer our members fixed costs for documented proof of training."

The next phases of development for TIA's Automotive Tire Service Training are the 300 Level Certified Program for Technicians and 400 Level Certified Program for Instructors.

Order forms are available on TIA's Web site, www.tireindustry.org, or by calling

(800) 426-8835, (502) 968-8900 or by e-mailing [email protected].