Kendall Motor Oil introduces high mileage motor oil

Nov. 6, 2003

Kendall Motor Oil has launched its Kendall GT-1 High Mileage Synthetic Blend Motor Oil with SealMax designed for engines with more than 75,000 miles.

The new oil provides enhanced performance in deposit control, viscosity control and seal reconditioning, according to Dave Turner, product manager, ConocoPhillips Lubricants Division.

"In the United States, nearly two-thirds of the cars on the road have greater than 75,000 miles on the engine, so there's a clear need for motor oils designed to meet the special needs of high-mileage vehicles," said Turner.

"Our goal was to develop a premium product that offers high mileage vehicle owners an engine maintenance solution that can help keep their high-mileage vehicles on the road longer."

Kendall GT-1 High Mileage Synthetic Blend Motor Oil is formulated with the SealMax advanced system to help recondition and revitalize engine seals as well as minimize oil leaks, helping to maximize engine performance.

In addition to reconditioning seals, Kendall GT-1 High Mileage motor oil helps protect engine parts against high mileage wear while minimizing oil thickening, oil consumption, engine deposits and exhaust smoke.