Bandag offers dealers incentive to join TRIB

Dec. 8, 2003

Bandag Inc. is offering to pay a third of the cost of new Tire Retread Information Bureau (TRIB) membership dues for members of its Bandag Strategic Alliance.

Andrew Sisler, Bandag's vice president, North American franchise sales and support, sent a letter to the dealer network urging them to support TRIB.

In that letter Sisler said, "Because we at Bandag Inc. so strongly believe in what TRIB is doing and would like every Bandag dealer to be a dues-paying TRIB member, Bandag is offering to pick up one-third of the cost of new


Said Harvey Brodsky, TRIB managing director, "We are seeing the largest increase in new members in many years, thanks to Bandag's promotion.

"This is vitally important to the continued effectiveness of TRIB, because it is a simple fact that travel, running an office, paying salaries to our good people and all the other things that are necessary to run an effective organization cost money," Brodsky said.

"We encourage those Bandag dealers who have not yet sent in their applications to do so while Andy Sisler still is in a sharing mood with his checkbook."

Those who would like more information about membership in TRIB should call (888) 473-8732 or e-mail [email protected].