TIA offers energy buyers program to its members

Dec. 12, 2003

The Tire Industry Association (TIA) is offering a new program to its members which identifies and implements options that reduce the costs of a company’s energy, utility and telecommunications services.

The "Savings Solutions" program is managed by the Affiliated Power Purchasers, International, LLC (APPI), an independent utility consulting firm that develops, markets and administers benefit programs for national and state trade associations. APPI is a consultant to TIA and its members.

The firm "navigates the maze of utility services by analyzing, negotiating, contracting and managing critical components," according to TIA. "These services include energy (electricity and natural gas), water, recycling/waste removal, freight, check processing, credit card processing and telecommunications (voice and data)."

APPI operates independently of any utility, vendor or energy supplier. Client relationships are based on a performance, value-added model, and members pay no upfront fees or retainers for the service.

"APPI has a reputation of dependability, quality of service and strength in the marketplace," says Larry Morgan, TIA president and chairman emeritus of Tires Plus in Clearwater, Florida. "I encourage every TIA member to participate in this new program and become the beneficiary of the considerable utility savings these experts can generate on their behalf."

In addition to energy management, the Savings Solutions program includes utility audit services. APPI performs an analysis of the business’ existing utility services (water, recycling, waste removal, freight, credit card processing and telecommunications) to detect overcharges and erroneous fees within the current supplier network.

The process of making the adjustments and the recovery of refunds from suppliers is handled by APPI. In addition to receiving refunds, businesses also are able to reduce future costs.

For more information about APPI’s services, call (800) 520-6685, or contact APPI by e-mail at [email protected].