3 Editors, 3 Takes: On the Rise, and On the Show Floor

Dec. 15, 2016

When I suggested Modern Tire Dealer unveil On the Rise, our list of young industry leaders, at the biggest industry event of the year, I expected a few eager participants to respond. I knew the leaders were out there, and I thought I’d meet one or two in Las Vegas.

I didn’t expect to have a dozen people hunting me down at the SEMA Show. But this year over many e-mails we’ve built a bond. It was a thrill for me to meet young men and women who are enthusiastic about advancing the industry. It was great to meet and see so many of these young leaders in person.

Here are photos of a few MTD caught in action inside the convention center.    ■ 

About the Author

Joy Kopcha | Managing Editor

After more than a dozen years working as a newspaper reporter in Kansas, Indiana, and Pennsylvania, Joy Kopcha joined Modern Tire Dealer as senior editor in 2014. She has covered murder trials, a prison riot and more city council, county commission, and school board meetings than she cares to remember.