CIMS: 40 years and still registering

April 6, 2011

CIMS is 40 years old. Founded by the late Paul Kruder in 1971, CIMS (Computerized Information & Management Services Inc.) provides products and services to tire manufacturers, private brand owners and tire dealers to facilitate the entire tire registration process.

Tire dealers are required to help motorists register their tires under federal law. Specifically, they must meet certain record-keeping requirements mandated under the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Act (1966) and related federal regulations (49 CFR Parts 574).

“Because tire registration is a federal law, we help our clients comply with the regulations, but also we give them a valuable sales tool that helps to punctuate to their customers their commitment to safety,” says Susan Kruder, Paul’s widow and current president at CIMS. “In addition, we are just extending the legacy of Paul, who was a well-known tire industry businessman for more than half a century.”

The company commissioned Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, advertising firm Bark at the Moon to design a new logo for this year’s celebration. CIMS also is planning a formal commemoration toward the end of the year to recognize its longevity in the tire industry.

“Paul was so proud of the company and the progress it had made,” says Kruder.

CIMS is based in Akron, Ohio. For additional information, visit