Pirelli supplies supersoft tire for Monaco GP2

May 23, 2011

The supersoft compound is the softest of the four tire types in the Pirelli P Zero range and has been developed specifically for the new-for-2011 GP2 car. It provides peak grip and performance from the very start on tight and twisty circuits such as the Monaco street course, the only track where the softest of Pirelli’s four GP2 tire compounds will be used this season.

Although the supersoft compound degrades more than the other tires in the P Zero range, the low-speed nature of the 3.340-kilometer circuit means the tire will not be subjected to significant wear as Pirelli’s Racing Manager, Mario Isola, explained: “Monaco will be the only GP2 round where we will bring our supersoft compound tires because we do not expect to encounter significant levels of tire degradation.”

“Being a street circuit, Monaco is slow in terms of average speed but it will still be a very challenging and special experience for our young drivers, who will have to contend with its twisty layout and slippery surfaces,” said Isola. “The Pirelli P Zero soft slicks should provide them with the grip they need to put on a great show for all the fans.”