Michelin Green X Challenge honors to Mosport race winners

July 25, 2011

Fast and efficient was the key to success at the Grand Prix of Mosport as the Prototype race winning Muscle Milk Aston Martin and the GT winning Corvette Racing paired their victories on the track with wins in the Michelin Green X Challenge.

The win was the third consecutive victory in America’s premier environmental motorsports competition for the Benicia, Calif. based Muscle Milk Aston Martin team.

“Our Muscle Milk team believes very much in being fast, clean, and efficient and we are very proud to earn the Michelin Green X Challenge once again,” said winning co-driver Klaus Graf. “Taking wins in both the race and the Michelin Green X Challenge means a lot to us.”

Being fast, clean, and efficient also paid off for Corvette Racing, winners of the fiercely contested GT category on the track and in the Michelin Green X Challenge.

“As the inaugural winner of the Michelin Green X Challenge, it’s always an honor when Corvette Racing collects one of the awards. It is a testament to how hard our engine group, our chassis group, and our aero group have worked to maximize the efficiency of the Corvette. It’s a testament to Chevrolet’s willingness to race with cellulosic E85, and as the world’s largest producer of flex-fuel vehicles, its only appropriate that the Chevrolet team won the Michelin Green X Challenge today,” said Corvette Racing program manager Doug Fehan.

Overseen by the Green Racing steering team comprised of representatives of the U.S. Department of Energy, the Environmental Protection Agency, and SAE International. The Michelin Green X Challenge award measures the environmental performance of Prototype and GT cars using three scoring factors; “Clean, Fast and Efficient”

The “Clean” factor is based upon the amount of oil used and the greenhouse gas emitted by the cars. The “Fast” factor is based upon the car’s speed to cover the race distance and the “Efficiency” factor is the energy needed to complete the winner’s race distance adjusted for the car’s mass. Different fuels provide different scores in the “Clean” or “Efficiency” measures. The race; the Muscle Milk Aston Martin E10; and the winning  Corvette Racing ZR1 races on E85 racing fuel.

“We congratulate Muscle Milk Aston Martin team and Corvette Racing on their victories both on the track and in the Michelin Green X Challenge today,” said Silvia Mammone, Michelin motorsports manager. “Since its inception, nearly half of the winners of the Michelin Green X Challenge have also won on the track.