Point S Enters the Philippines

March 22, 2018

Point S Development has signed a franchise agreement in the Philippines as part of its ongoing push to spread its banner throughout Asia.

Motozentrum Philippines Inc. (MPI) is known as a tire distributor in the Philippines, with warehousing and logistics hubs in Manila, Cebu, and Mindanao.

“MPI is already a significant player in the tyre distribution market, but a strong Point S retail brand means deeper penetration into the Philippines market, and at the same time engages the consumer market”, says Joseph Teh Lim, president of MPI.

Dunkirk Cabalza, the chief operations officer of MPI says, “I was fortunate to attend the Point S France members’ conference in Tel Aviv in January and appreciate how Point S became such a significant player. The sense of camaraderie and purpose really attracted me."

Fabien Bouquet, CEO of Point S Development, says “We came to Asia, with little expectations but huge ambition, and this day marks yet another milestone for the Point S group, signing on Philippines as the next market to represent Point S, and be a new member of our Point S family, which is truly how we see ourselves, a big and enterprising family with a united goal to position ourselves as the independent global tyre company."

The move into the Philippines comes after Point S has already entered the markets in India and Malaysia.

It extends the group into 34 countries, with more than 3,700 retail points of sale.

For more information, visit www.points-development.com.