Point S Adds 16 Stores in the U.S. in 2018

Nov. 5, 2018

As the Point S Tire & Auto brand continues its march into the eastern U.S., leaders are celebrating a year of 16 new stores and the opportunity of four new market states. But it's not only about the new guys. Existing dealers are happy too, and giving the network high marks in its annual survey.

In the 2018 survey of Point S Tire & Auto Service owners, the group earned a score of 69 on the Net Promoter Score scale. The score is a way for customers — in this case Point S tire dealers — to rate their overall satisfaction with the group. Scores fall onto a 200-point scale, from -100 to 100.

Point S members have given their group better marks ever since 2015. That was the year Tire Factory Inc. announced it was joining Point S, and in 2015 the group's score was -7. In 2016, the score jumped to 41.

“Members’ success in performance is critical to our team and our growth," says Clint Young, director of sales and business development for Point S Tire & Auto Service USA. "When evaluating customer service, this is the premier process to measure the company’s performance to its member/owners. It’s more than a number for us — it drives our direction and reinforces the decisions we make across the co-op every day."

There's a reason for the group to evaluate its progress each year. Walter Lybeck, CEO of Tire Factory Inc., which uses the Point S name in the market, says the cooperative of tire dealers has a single mission.

“We exist to make our members successful, and I challenge my leadership team to live that mission every day."

Young says, “Focusing on evaluating performance gives us the opportunity to join the gold standard category with companies like USAA Insurance, Costco and Nordstrom is outstanding. It energizes our team to always provide expert service. This commitment across the co-op is yet another reason for independent tire dealers to be attracted to Point S. We provide a complete solution and world class service that intrigues new members and retains them as owners indefinitely. That’s our goal."

The 16 new stores in 2018 are part of an even greater growth pattern. In the last 18 months Point S has added 34 new locations, plus its fourth distribution center in Memphis, Tenn.

“Our members challenge my team with strategically growing the company," says Lybeck. "We know our mission is the foundation of achieving those goals. As the industry faces disruption, bankruptcies, and further consolidation, the success and satisfaction of our members have never been more important. Success in our industry is simple: provide the products, tools and resources for independent tire dealers to make money and help them satisfy their customers.

“We’ve got a great team; we’re focused on growing the Point S brand and helping our members be successful. That’s why our Net Promotor Score keeps climbing. Our members' loyalty is amazing, and it will fuel our success as we continue to cement our position as the largest cooperative of independent tire dealers on the planet. I hope it’s a beacon of opportunity for independent tire dealers to join.”

For more information on Point S in the U.S., visit www.JoinPointSTire.com.