Toyo celebrates a podium finish at SCORE off-road race

Jan. 26, 2005

Toyo Tire (U.S.A.) Corp. is celebrating a third place finish at the inaugural outing of the Open Country M/T tire during a SCORE Trophy Truck off-road race.

Driver Scott Steinberger of PCI Racing took third in his 750-horsepower Fabtech/Toyo Tires #7 Ford truck at the 2005 season-opening SCORE Laughlin Desert Challenge.

Steinberger’s race truck uses off-the-shelf, 37X15.50R17 D.O.T.-approved Open Country M/T tires. They have a state-of-the-art DSOCII computer design that features high traction both on-and-off the road thanks in part to its hook-shaped “attack” tread, the company says.

A silhouette of the tread continues onto the sidewall for extra grip in deep sand and gravel while providing extra puncture resistance from sharp objects. A bruise- and abrasion-resistant sidewall compound helps to protect both tires and rims from damage in extreme conditions and helps to avoid cuts. A multi-cavity molding process results in a consistent tire requiring minimal balancing weights.

The construction aids in the stability of tall vehicles such as pickups and SUVs, says Toyo. The Open Country M/T’s cap-ply construction enhances belt endurance, especially during high-speed operation or in extreme conditions such as off-road racing.