Dunn Tire expands nitrogen to all 26 stores

Feb. 2, 2005

Dunn Tire LLC has expanded the availability of nitrogen tire inflation to all 26 of its stores in New York and Pennsylvania.

The service is available for passenger car and light truck owners, and no appointment is necessary. The cost is $5 per tire without the purchase of new tires.

"As more and more consumers understand the benefits of nitrogen, we believe they will want to take advantage of the potential gas savings, extended tire life and other benefits," says Chairman Randy Clark.

Dunn Tire first launched the unique service, which is similar to that used to inflate race car tires, in its Buffalo, N.Y., stores in June 2004. It later added availability in select Rochester, N.Y., stores in September.

Tires filled with nitrogen remain properly inflated longer and run cooler, resulting in longer tread life, lower rolling resistance and better gas mileage. "With today’s gas prices, we felt it was the right time to make the investment in the inflation technology to make the service available to all of our customers," adds Clark.

Details on how the innovative technology works, advantages including fuel savings, frequently asked questions and more can be found at the company’s Web site, www.dunntire.com.