Alcoa receives patent for Dura-Flange

May 9, 2005

Alcoa Wheel Products has been granted a U.S. patent on its Dura-Flange aluminum wheel surface treatment.

The technology is patent pending in Canada, Mexico, Japan and throughout the European Union.

The technology for Dura-Flange -- a specialized protectant that guards against excessive rim flange wear on commercial vehicle wheels -- was developed for trucking applications where loads are heavy and prone to shifting, such as logging, tanker and heavy hauling.

"Excessive rim flange wear is a phenomenon experienced by a number of heavy hauling fleets across North America, Australia and Europe, and this development has proven to be the answer to one of their primary safety and maintenance concerns," says Mark Holtz, marketing and technology manager for commercial vehicle wheels.

"Wheels with excessive rim flange wear can develop a sharp edge that must be removed. This treatment eliminates the maintenance necessary to maintain the rim flanges when wear occurs."

The Dura-Flange wheel treatment provides a protective shield that prevents approximately 90% of rim flange wear, according to Alcoa. Extensive field testing by the company has shown that Dura-Flange treated wheels "can extend the time before flange maintenance is required, and in most cases, simply eliminate it."

Dura-Flange wheels are available through normal Alcoa distribution channels. For more information on Alcoa Wheel Products, call (800) 242-9898 or visit