Yokohama announces directorship changes

May 12, 2005

Yokohama Rubber Co. Ltd. (YRC) announced the following directorship changes at its board of directors meeting earlier today. They will be effective upon approval at the General Meeting of Shareholders on June 29, 2005.

* Takashi Yamashita, managing corporate officer, and Tatsunari Kojima, director and corporate officer, were named directors and managing corporate officers.

* Masamichi Danjo, corporate officer, was promoted to managing corporate officer.

* Hideo Fujiwara, general manager of the Corporate Finance & Accounting Department; Ichiro Kondou, chairman of Hangzhou Yokohama Tire Co. Ltd.; and Hajime Yamazaki, vice president of YH America Inc., were named corporate officers.

* Seiichi Suzuki, whose time as corporate auditor will end on June 29, 2005, will be reappointed corporate auditor.

Retiring from the board are Takasuke Sato, director and managing corporate officer, and Hiroshi Hosoya, corporate officer. They will take positions as advisors to the presidents of Hamagomu Aicom Inc. and Hamagomu Engineering Co. Ltd., respectively.

These changes will affect the management of its U.S. subsidiary, Yokohama Tire Corp. (YTC).

* Yasuhiro Mizumoto, formerly executive vice president of manufacturing and technology of YTC, has been appointed general manager of global tire production. He also retains his position as corporate officer of YRC.

* Shinichi Suzuki will replace Mizumoto as executive vice president at YTC. He also will continue to serve as a corporate officer of YRC.

* In addition, Fujiwara also has been named a corporate officer of YRC.

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