Goodyear unveils commercial Web site

June 22, 2005

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.'s new commercial tire Web site showcases its "service business push."

The launch coincides with a new study that shows trucking companies are increasingly outsourcing tire and equipment maintenance work. Transportation research and consulting firm Havill & Co. notes that a boom in maintenance providers over the last five years has shifted the focus of many trucking companies back to their core business.

Steve McClellan, vice president of Goodyear commercial tire systems, says the Web site includes more powerful tire-evaluation software tools now available to fleets; new emergency roadside service; and a wealth of information on tire inflation and load capacities.

Faced with rising fuel and tire costs, more fleets and independent truckers "want more than just a tire purchase. They want someone to manage their overall tire and wheel needs. And that's our expertise," says McClellan.

Managing tire cost per mile is critical to business success. Tire costs -- third behind fuel and labor -- amount to 25% of a fleet's maintenance expense.

A Technology & Maintenance Council study recently found that only 43% of truck tires are within 5 psi of inflation pressure specification. At least 22% of vehicles have at least one tire under-inflated by 20 psi or more; 4% have at least one tire under-inflated by 50 psi or more.

"Our vision is to do more than just manufacture quality tires," says McClellan. "We want to create business solutions that are measurable, repeatable and sustainable. That means working with end users to manage their tires from original equipment to replacement and retreads, and delivering service and value along the way."

As part of Goodyear's renewed focus on service, its new Web site addresses the following solutions, with shortcuts on the home page to lead customers to information more quickly:

* Fleetwise detailed tire analysis makes fleet tire data available 24 hours a day.

* TVTRACK software tracks performance of specific tires and links data to key vehicle parameters.

* Tire Value Calc software calculates new tire, retread and rotation changes that impact operating costs.

* Safety tips and load/inflation tables help maximize tire wear and performance.

* Reduced downtime and costs for tire-related emergencies through 4-TIRES-NOW roadside assistance.

* Detailed service manuals specify tire inflation, vibration solutions and proper alignment.

Goodyear commercial tire systems offer complete products and services to the trucking industry, including a full range of OE and replacement tires. In addition, the company's cradle-to-grave tire and service network includes retreading, tire management tools and business solutions for tomorrow's trucking fleets.