Robust Asian economies boosting Tyrexpo Asia attendance

July 18, 2005

More than 100 companies from all over the world are signed up to exhibit at Tyrexpo Asia to be held September 13-15 at the Singapore Expo Centre, say event organizers ECI International Ltd.

Fueling the high attendance are booming Asian economies, ECI International reports. The Singapore economy, as an example, grew by 8.4% last year and further growth of 3.8% is forecast for 2005.

Additionally, Indonesian car tire production is expected to hit 40 million units this year, up 13% on the 2004 figure, while Chinese auto tire production in 2005 is forecast to reach an all-time high of 160 million units.

ECI International reports "inward investment is pouring into the area, with all the major tire companies either involved in joint ventures or building new state-of-the-art factories.

"The importance of the region was made clear when Goodyear announced that its Asia-Pacific operations headquarters was moving from the Akron head office to Shanghai. Goodyear also forecast that its buying in China would increase from its current 1% of the company's global sourcing to 10% (worth $800 million) by 2010. No other region can boast such dramatic economic growth.

"However, Tyrexpo Asia is much more than just an opportunity for Western companies to invest in South East Asia, as this year's show sees an increase in the number of Asian companies taking space, keen to export their products and services to new markets in Europe and the U.S."

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