Michelin wants better F1 'tire balance'

July 26, 2005

Groupe Michelin is calling for "a more balanced split of teams among tire manufacturers" in Formula One.

The announcement comes on the heels of an eighth F1 team expressing its desire to use Michelin tires, say Michelin officials.

"Michelin is obviously delighted by the confidence this demonstrates. However, this situation does not help the development of long-term competition between tire manufacturers, a principle to which Michelin is firmly committed."

As a result, officials say Michelin "is completely open to allowing for a more balanced split of teams among tire manufacturers, starting as early as the 2006 season."

Michelin found itself mired in controversy in late June, when seven F1 teams pulled out of the United States Grand Prix in Indianapolis, Ind., due to safety concerns about their Michelin brand tires.

Since then, Michelin has offered refunds to all the spectators at the event and is offering to send them to next year's race.