Goodyear, TRW announce joint venture

Sept. 14, 2005

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. and TRW Automotive Holdings Corp. will jointly develop technology that will automatically adjust the performance parameters of a vehicle's electronic stability control system based on tire characteristics.

"As more people seek to customize their vehicles through the use of

larger wheels and tires, or exchange tires seasonally, we want to ensure that the on-board systems such as electronic stability control will still offer the intended safety and performance benefits," says Phil Cunningham, product business director for TRW chassis products.

"To accomplish this, TRW and Goodyear have developed a system that enables vehicle control units to recognize tire characteristics and adjust the electronic stability control trim level accordingly."

"The system being developed demonstrates the synergies created through

the collaborative effort launched by TRW and Goodyear in 2003," says

Steve Roth, Goodyear's director of vehicle systems.

The new system is targeted for production for the 2009 model year.