Amerityre targets truck tires for polyurethane retread process

Sept. 29, 2005

Amerityre Corp. says it has begun the development of a polyurethane tire compound and manufacturing process for retreading medium truck tires.

"Amerityre believes the retreading process, which has been successfully developed and tested in passenger car tire applications, is a natural fit for the medium commercial truck tires used by tens of thousands of over-the-road truck fleets worldwide," say Amerityre officials.

The Boulder City, Nev.-based company claims its polyurethane tread compounds "run substantially cooler than rubber," says Amerityre CEO and President Richard Steinke.

"In addition, these compounds have outperformed comparable rubber compounds in both accelerated heat aging and ozone testing."

The process involves the application of Amerityre's polyurethane compound to the rubber tire casing "so the tread locks seamlessly to the tire casing without pressure or vulcanization," according to Steinke.

Development is expected to be completed by the end of 2005 and another three months will be set aside for industry testing and feedback, he adds.

Amerityre intends to market the product directly to the retreading industry. It says all tests of the product have been conducted by an independent lab.