Cooper names Ultimate Bowl winner

Dec. 29, 2005

Bill Gibson of Islip Terrace, N.Y., has won Cooper Tire & Rubber Co.'s Ultimate Bowl Tour sweepstakes.

Gibson will jet off to five college football games within the next week, courtesy of Cooper.

"The Cooper Tires Ultimate Bowl Tour has truly become the premier college football sweepstakes for fans," says Dave

Craig, Cooper's director of North American advertising and communications.

"The response from consumers, whether they are tire buyers or college football fans, has been overwhelming.

"The Cooper Tires Ultimate Bowl Tour has allowed us to engage our dealers while targeting tire buyers that span our demographics -- from younger consumers in the growing tuner market to brand loyal customers who want our ultra high performance, SUV, or light truck tire offerings."

Gibson did not enter the contest via a Cooper tire dealership; instead, he entered via Cooper's Web site, according to a Cooper spokesperson.