Detroit Auto Show: Honda, Nissan choose PAX

Jan. 5, 2004

Both Honda and Nissan will introduce vehicles with Michelin PAX System options later this year in an announcement made earlier today at the Detroit Auto Show.

"These upcoming vehicle introductions will add significantly to the PAX System fleet in North America and will play an important role in bringing PAX System to broader segments of the market," says Tom Chub, vice president of marketing, Michelin Automotive Industry Division.

PAX Systems for year 2005 Hondas and Nissans will be produced at one of Michelin North America Inc.'s Columbia, S.C., facilities, according to Michelin officials.

The six-year-old PAX system involves a tire, an assymetrical wheel, a flexible support ring inside the tire and a tire pressure monitoring system.

In the event of air pressure loss, the ring allows vehicles to travel at 55 mph up to 125 miles.