Cooper rolls out more UHP, HP tires and sizes

Jan. 16, 2004

Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. will add 17 sizes to its 30-size Zeon 2XS ultra-high performance passenger tire line in 2004 as the company strengthens its presence in the ultra-high performance and high performance tire arenas.

Cooper is currently adding a 205/40ZR16 size to the Zeon 2XS, which was unveiled last spring, says Carl Casalbore, Cooper vice president of high performance development and retail sales.

On Feb. 1, Cooper will roll out its Sport SLE, a W-rated, summer UHP tires that will be available in 10 sizes up to 17 inches in diameter.

"Over the course of the next two quarters we'll probably add another 18 sizes," Z-rated and higher, up to 18 inches.

Cooper also will be launching the Cooper ZPT, an H-rated tire designed for the tuner market that will be available in 17 sizes.

Recent additions to Cooper's performance light truck line-up include:

* the Zeon XST, an H-rated sport light truck tire currently available in nine, 18- and 20-inch sizes; a 22-inch size; and two 24-inch sizes (305/35R24 and 295/35R24). "Within the next six months, we'll add another six 22-inch sizes; two 23-inch sizes; and five 24-inch sizes," says Casalbore.

* the Discovery Sport HP, which is available in 13 sizes and "matches up to OE sizes" used on Range Rovers and similar vehicles. "We've been making this tire for Europe for six to eight months and just launched it in the U.S. in December."

* the Discovery HT Plus, an S-rated sport truck tire that comes in 20 sizes up to 20 inches in diameter. "It has more of a touring-type tread design and is geared toward OE replacement," says Casalbore.

"As the UHP and sport truck markets unravel, we're keeping our finger on the pulse."