Sears outlets good fit for Kal

April 2, 2004

Most of the Sears Canada auto service stores that Kal Tire is taking over are located in urban markets, "which is where we want to increase our penetration," Kal Tire Director of Marketing Tony Milina told today.

Earlier this week, Sears Canada announced its departure from the auto service business.

Sears is transferring 36 outlets to Kal Tire, President Tire and Active Green & Ross.

Kal Tire is picking up four outlets in British Columbia and seven in Alberta, including some in Calgary and Edmonton.

Milina did not disclose financial terms of the transaction but says "it's a significant increase in terms of what it does for us."

Kal Tire will phase out the current tire inventory at the Sears locations it's acquiring in favor of offering its own selection.