Bridgestone/Firestone introduces three truck tires

April 14, 2004

Bridgestone/Firestone North American Tire LLC introduced three Bridgestone radial truck tires at its Bizcon 8 commercial dealer meeting this morning -- one for each axle position.

The tires, designed for long-haul and regional haul fleets, all promote even wear. They are:

* R287 steer tire, which features the company's patented Bridgestone Side Groove and Equalizer Rib technology. It has a stiff compound.

* M726 EL (for "extra-life") drive tire, an enhanced version of the company's M726. It has a 32/32-inch deep tread and a "tougher" tread compound, according to the company.

* R195F trailer tire, a free-rolling tire engineered to resist curbing abuse and enhance retreadability. It features sidewall protector ribs.

"Fleets today are focused on cutting expenses, especially cost per mile," said Kurt Danielson, commercial marketing director. "With these new tires, Bridgestone dealers can offer their fleet customers proven truck tire technology that promotes even wear, dramatically extends original tread life and lowes total life cycle costs."