Tenneco announces ride control recommendation

May 25, 2004

Tenneco Automotive Inc., which produces and markets Monroe shock absorbers and struts, is recommending replacing shocks and struts at 50,000 miles.

The ride control replacement recommendation, designed for domestic and import passenger cars, vans, light trucks and SUVS, is based on the company's research into the wear-out of shocks and struts under a variety of common driving conditions.

Replacing ride control components after 50,000 miles can help improve vehicle ride and handling and can protect the integrity of other "Safety Triangle" undercar parts.

(Safety Triangle refers to the "interconnected system of components -- including tires, brakes and ride control products -- that help determine a vehicle’s steering, stopping and stability characteristics," according to the company.)

"Shocks and struts wear out very gradually, so drivers might not notice the change in steering, stopping and stability until they are in an emergency situation," says Richard Alameddine, Tenneco Automotive's vice president of marketing.

"By following a 50,000-mile recommended replacement cycle, consumers can enhance these key driving characteristics and help protect the performance of their tires and brakes."