IMI celebrates 30 years

July 30, 2004

Chambersburg, Pa.-based tire balancing material supplier International Marketing Inc. (IMI) was founded 30 years ago by Bob Fogal Sr.

But Fogal´s tire industry experience stretches back even further.

In 1953, he began working for his uncle at Pryor´s Tire Service. Two years later, he started working at a Shell gas station, which he bought in 1956. Within a few months, he acquired another gas station, plus a wholesale tire outlet, and eventually moved on to create IMI.

IMI´s history has been marked by a series of product introductions. In 1973, IMI unveiled its Tire Seal line. Some 11 years later, IMI´s New Look Tire Paint hit the market. In 1990, IMI introduced its Equal truck tire balancing material line. And eight years later, the company began selling the Snapshot Fleet Tire Survey System, a collection of digital tire data collection tools, and the Audit Professional Tire Management System, a tire tracking program.

The company´s latest product, Smart Sense, is designed to improve the voltage flow between a truck´s battery and alternator.