PAX gains Honda fitment, Michelin details PAX service program

Sept. 27, 2004

Michelin´s PAX System will be original equipment on the 2005 Honda Odyssey, which represents the system´s "mainstream debut in the United States," according to Michelin officials.

In addition, Michelin has created a multi-tier service program "designed to maintain the highest level of consumer satisfaction by replacing or repairing PAX System tires quickly."

The tiremaker is equipping Honda dealerships throughout the U.S. with a "hatbox" that contains a complete, ready-to-use PAX assembly. Used assemblies will be returned to Michelin for inspection.

"To provide more traditional repair or replacement of PAX tires, Michelin will have about 200 authorized Michelin PAX servicing locations around the country." Replacement tires and components have been sent to those sites.

Michelin´s 31 Tire Centers LLC locations also have received PAX "hatboxes. In addition, special road service and emergency service providers will be dispatched to any motorist with a flat tire if they cannot reach a Honda dealer of authorized Michelin dealer."

Michelin PAX System tires can be fixed following standard Rubber Manufacturers Association-approved methods.

Michelin uses a similar replacement/repair system for its run-flat tires.

"When you introduce a new technology, you have to be just as innovative and committed to the aftermarket support as you are to the technology," says Tom Chubb, vice president of marketing for Michelin Automotive Industries division.

The PAX system contains four components: a tire, a wheel, a support ring and an air pressure monitor. The tire will not unseat from the rim in normal operating conditions even after a total loss of air pressure, say Michelin officials.