Coats´ balancers offer shops a custom fit

Oct. 25, 2004

Coats´ XR 1750 Video Wheel Balancer is now available in three configurations to offer a shop an almost "custom" wheel balancer to fit its operations, said Kevin Keefe, product manager for Coats.

The XR 1750 features a position-locking pedal, direct Tape-A-Weight placement, behind-the-spoke weight placement, and Static-On-Screen residual static imbalance diagnostics. The three configurations include:

* XR 1750 3Di: All standard features, plus three-parameter auto data entry and an onboard air supply.

* XR 1750 3D: All standard features, plus three-parameter auto data entry.

* XR 1750 2D: All standard features, plus two-paramter auto data entry at a value price.

Coats offers three core models in its XR Series Wheel Balancer line. The XR 1850 and XR 1800 are diagnostic balancers designed for high-volume tire service shops. They are capable of running a complete suite of diagnostics in a matter of just a few seconds, and finding and solving vibration problems -- even those unrelated to imbalance -- before the customer leaves the shop.

The Coats XR 1750 offers the key features of XR Series balancers without the diagnostics package, providing a fast, affordable and reliable balancer for smaller shops or a front-line balancer for shops that already have diagnostic capability.

Coats´ XR Series balancers also feature Coats’ exclusive Static on Screen simultaneous display of static and dynamic data, which identifies any excess residual static imbalance.

In addition, XR Series balancers are offered with a variety of accessory and adapter options to provide reliable and repeatable mounting and centering of virtually any wheel.

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