New York dealer offers colored tires

Dec. 22, 2004

In Russ Preischel´s world, tires aren´t just colored black. They also come in red, yellow, blue, orange, purple and three other hues.

Preischel, a partner in Hamburg, N.Y.-based Preischel Brothers Service Inc., a commercial truck tire dealership, began selling remolded, colored passenger and light truck tires last week through his Web site.

"These colored tires utilize the latest in remolding technology available in the industry today," says Preischel. "All tires are visually and electronically inspected from the beginning stages of production all the way through to the finished product.

"After the tire is prepped for processing, colored rubber composite and veneers are applied. Then the tire is placed in a state-of-the-art molding process providing a permanent bond."

The tires are being supplied by a Canada-based company that Preischel declined to identify. More than 90 sizes are available, he says.

There are no plans to sell the tires at Preischel Brothers´ outlet. "I´m basically targeting the tuner market," which is more Internet savvy than conventional tire buyers, he adds.