Stamford rolls out Akina ST09 high performance line

March 25, 2008

Stamford Tyres Corp. has introduced a new line of high performance passenger tires, the Akina ST09, which targets the United States and Japan markets.

"The new Akina ST09 is part of the Sumo stable of tire brands and designs," say Stamford officials.

The line "will complement the existing Sumo Firenza ST-08 design," which was introduced in 2006.

The Akina ST09 line will be available in 30 sizes, ranging from 15 inches through 18 inches in diameter. The first 15 sizes will be available this month.

The tire's tread design "incorporates, among other elements, a distinctive 'eye' in the tread, and will appeal to buyers looking for a high performance car tire at an affordable price."