Coker Tire tabs Mike Crutchfield to lead new Performance Division

April 22, 2008

Coker Tire Co. Inc. first created a new position -- vice president of performance brands -- then found the man to handle its responsibilities -- Mike Crutchfield.

Crutchfield has a 20-year history of service and relationships with many drag racing enthusiasts. He has represented and distributed Firestone, Phoenix and M&H performance tires.

In his new position, Crutchfield, formerly vice president and general manager of performance brands, will oversee high performance race tire sales and service.

"We put together our new Performance Division after acquiring Phoenix Racing Tires several months ago and signing up a distribution agreement fof M&H Racing tires, and there was only one man I had in mind to lead this important new divison of our company, and that man is Mike Crutchfield," says President Corky Coker.

"Mike's knowledge of the sport, his relationship with the racers and track owners alike puts us in a unique position to propel this business forward rapidly."

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