Falken will raise prices in June

May 1, 2008

Falken Tire Corp. is the latest in a long line of tire manufacturers to announce coming price increases. Falken will raise prices on eight different tires.

The tires and corresponding increases include:

* Falken Ziex ZE912 60/65 (5%)

* Falken Ziex ZE912 UHP (5%, plus in-line adjustments)

* Falken Radial A/P (7%)

* Falken Landair H/T (7%)

* Falken STZ-01 (up to 6%)

* Falken STZ-04 (up to 6%)

* Falken RT-615 (5% to 8%)

* Falken FK-452 (up to 5%)

All increases are effective June 1. "Since the end of 2007 alone, the industry has seen steel climb 25%, carbon black increase 15%, natural and sythetic rubbers increase 10%, and oil climb to nearly $120 a barrel," says Falken President and COO Richard Smallwood.

"Falken has done everything possible to miminize the impact of the increases to our dealers, but we are now left with little choice but to pass on a greater portion of the significant cost increases we are experiencing."