Anywhere is possible with General Grabber HTS sweepstakes

June 15, 2008

Continental Tire North America Inc. has launched the "Anywhere is Possible Sweepstakes" for its General tire brand. The promotion coincides with the DVD release of the movie "Jumper" from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

During the sweepstakes, which began on June 10 and runs through Aug. 4, 2008, consumers who purchase four General tires will receive a $50 VISA prepaid card. There are three main prizes:

Grand Prize: a trip to one of six exciting destinations around the world.

First Prize: a trip to the Baja Experience, an off-road driving trip through Baja, Calif.

Second Prize: a set of General Grabber HTS light truck/SUV tires.

("Jumper" centered on people who were able to teleport themselves anywhere in the world.)

"The promotion was designed to support the launch of the newest member of the General tire family, the Grabber HTS," says Travis Roffler, Continental's director of marketing. "The sweepstakes tie-in with the movie is a fun and exciting way to raise the General tire image in the marketplace and expose our products to a wide range of consumers."

The sweepstakes is being supported with point-of-sale displays at General tire dealerships nationwide; a Web banner ad campaign; and ads in several leading automotive enthusiast publications.

Participants also have the opportunity to enter the “Anywhere Is Possible Sweepstakes” at No purchase is necessary to enter.