TireVigil adds two features to its tire management 'solution'

Oct. 21, 2008

TireStamp Inc. has added two features to its TireVigil Tire Pressure Management solution for fleet customers.

1. TireVigil Servicing. According to TireStamp, the number one issue with other electronic TPMS systems is that reprogramming tires that are changed is difficult and time consuming.

TireVigil directly addresses this problem with TireVigil Servicing, a system that allows a service technician to view the state of a vehicle's tires at a glance on any internet enabled computer or using a hand-held wireless device.

Clear, bright, colorful images of the vehicle's tires are shown, displaying tire position, tire pressure and temperature, target tire pressure, sensor and tire I.D. The tire make, model, and tire mileage also can be accessed.

The tire technician can enter tire changes and rotations quickly and easily with a touch on the screen or a click of a mouse, says the company.

"The fleet can get a daily work order of any tire issues it has before vehicles are dispatched so it can be proactive and correct these problems before they become costly road delays," says President Peggy Fisher. "It can also receive alerts for problems that develop while equipment is on the road or when it returns to the depot.

"Cold inflation pressure is accurately calculated so false alarms are eliminated, and technicians are advised of exactly how much pressure to add to tires."

2. TireVigil Mobile. Designed to place tire intelligence at the point of activity in the service bay, vehicle yard or check lane where the work is being done, TireVigil Mobile provides all of the features and benefits of the normal computer-based TireVigil system. It uses a cellular or Wi-Fi data connection without being tied down to a desktop computer, and supports RIM Blackberry and any Windows Mobile 5.0 compatible Smartphone or handheld.

For more information on TireVigil, visit www.tirestamp.com.