New Marangoni racing tires for hillclimb races

Nov. 19, 2008

More power requires different tires. The team of multiple hill climbing champion Simone Faggioli didn’t take long to realize this.

After winning three Italian titles (2004, 2006 and 2007) and one European championship (2005) in this speciality with the 2000 cc Osella sports cars fitted with Marangoni Zeta Linea Racing tires, and completely dominating the main uphill races, Faggioli's team had all the skills needed to face a completely new project.

"With the adoption of the 3000 cc engine, the horsepower almost doubled, from 250 to 450 hp," Simone Faggioli explained. "We needed tires that had to be completely different in terms of size, compound and casing. Once again, the Marangoni racing department responded enthusiastically, providing the support we needed to work on a completely new project."

Starting from scratch at any level in motorsport is never easy, but in the end the Tuscan team succeeded once again, and Faggioli won four consecutive races (Reventino, Fasano, Gubbio and Pedavena) and totaled four second places in the 12 trials of the Italian championship. Although this year the overall title slipped away, Marangoni still has the consolation that the first three finishers in class CN2 of the championship (Regosa, Magliona and Marozzi) all drove cars fitted with its racing tires.

"The higher power of the new engine in the vehicle driven by Faggioli led us to develop a new generation of tires for uphill races, working at the same time on sizes, structures and compounds," explained Angelo Priori, Marangoni research and development manager.

"As regards the latter in particular, we were able to exploit our group's considerable specific expertise in this field, acquiring, among other things, experience that will be useful to our colleagues who work on high performance road tires, SUV tires and the new 20 inch tires."