TANA teams with national training group to attract students to tire industry

March 29, 2001

The Tire Association of North America (TANA) has entered into a partnership with the Career College Association (CCA), a Washington D.C.-based national association of trade schools, to boost the number of students pursuing careers in the tire industry.

Other goals include helping tire dealers find and train new employees through trade schools; increasing the number of scholarships available for tire industry-bound students; and multiplying the number of trade schools that use TANA's training programs in their curriculums.

Several developments will result from the partnership, say TANA officials:

* TANA will link with CCA's Web site so dealers can find local trade schools and examine their automotive training programs on-line.

* TANA will help CCA develop tire industry-specific scholarships for trade school students.

* TANA will work with CCA to publicize its "Guide to Career Colleges 2001," a 660-page directory of trade and professional schools in North America.

* CCA will hold a seminar on employee recruitment at the International Tire Expo this November.

"This is a major step in helping to build tomorrow's workforce in the tire industry," says TANA President Nick Hodel.

CCA has 95 members and involves 820 trade and professional schools, institutes, colleges and universities. CCA members educate more than 250,000 students per year for employment in more than 200 fields.