Goodyear is "Good To Go" with new safety program

Jan. 4, 2002

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. is rolling out a safety program at its company-owned stores that involves air pressure and lug nut checks.

"On every vehicle serviced by one of the outlets, all tires will be inflated to the manufacturer's specifications before being returned to its owner," say Goodyear officials.

"And on any wheel removed from a vehicle, store technicians will ensure that the lug nuts are carefully hand-torqued to specifications.

"Then the vehicle will be considered 'Good To Go.'"

Goodyear will provide company-owned stores with posters, counter cards and bay banners to communicate the program to customers, plus new pressure gauges, torque wrenches, torque spec guides and training modules.

"Adherence to the program will be confirmed through ongoing safety audits conducted at all stores."