Court won't reconsider class action suits against Bridgestone/Firestone, Ford

June 6, 2002

A Chicago, Ill.-based Court of Appeals will not overturn a month-old decision striking down class action status for Firestone tire and Ford Explorer owners who wanted to sue the companies for damage claims.

"The decision confirms what we have been saying all along," Bridgestone/Firestone Americas Holding Inc. officials said in an official statement released today.

"The circumstances of these claims are far too varied to justify class action. More importantly, these are claims by people whose tires never failed and who never suffered an injury.

"The Court of Appeals recognized that our federal and state courts systems should not be bogged down by a wasteful and unmanageable class action."

Plaintiffs who want to sue Bridgestone/Firestone and Ford must now pursue cases on their own.