Hoosier Performance Tire joins Del-Nat Affiliated Brand Program

July 15, 2002

Hoosier Performance Tire of Lakeville, Ind., has become the third member of Del-Nat Tire Corp.'s Affiliated Brand Program.

Hoosier Performance Tire is the street tire division of race tire supplier Hoosier Racing Tire.

"We believe this program has something special to offer our stockholders and direct distributors," says Dennis Cates, Del-Nat vice president of marketing. "The Hoosier name brings them an exclusive customer base and a strong performance history. In addition, Hoosier's corporate dedication to their customers fits perfectly with Del-Nat's strategy for the future."

"Being a small, niche marketer has always limited our ability to sign large, established distrubutors and dealers," says Shanon Rush, Hoosier Performance Tire's sales manager. "By joining the Del-Nat Affiliated Brand Program, we immediately introduced our Hoosier brand to over 200 new customers and added further credibility to our street tire program."

Del-Nat was orignally formed as a buying cooperative for the Delta and National brands. Del-Nat currently holds a 3.5% share of the replacement passenger tire market, according to Modern Tire Dealer statistics.

"Hoosier's 2,000 pound program is a great selling point to our members," says Cates. "It allows them to start with a small order and develop the Hoosier business into an integral part of the brand mix in their territory. Hoosier has pledged their support, and we expect several of our key accounts to exceed their expectations."