Two new ECSTA STX sizes -- and a prototype -- are unveiled at Kumho's SEMA/ITE booth

Nov. 4, 2002

Kumho Tire USA is introducing 24- and 26-inch versions of its popular ECSTA STX light truck tire at the 2002 SEMA/ITE show in Las Vegas.

It also is unveiling a 28-inch prototype ECSTA STX tire designed as "an exercise to explore the limits of tire design, construction and load carrying capacity," the company says.

The company currently has no plans to produce the tire, but noted that such a tire "could create a profitable new market for dealers."

The ECSTA STX, which debuted at last year's SEMA/ITE show, has been available in sizes ranging from 15 to 23 inches.

The new 24- and 26-inch ECSTA STX sizes, which will be available in 2003, have been engineered to provide the load carrying capacity needed for fitments on vehicles such as the Cadillac Escalade, GMC Yukon Denali, Chevrolet Suburban and Ford Expedition.

"The ECSTA STX was designed to offer SUV and light truck tuners the same all-out wet and dry handling that was previously the domain of sports cars," said Rick Brennan, Kumho's high performance brand manager.

"The vehicles that tuners are modifying are getting bigger, so the wheels and tires are also getting bigger. The 24- and 26-inch STX provide the same high speed grip, durability, exceptional wear and good ride comfort as the other STX sizes."

Brennan noted that the idea of a 26-inch production tire may seem a bit extreme to some people, but he pointed out that there is a demand for the size and Kumho has the technical capabilities to build such a tire.

"Tuners and their customers are always looking for the ultimate in performance, design and style with their vehicles," he said. "No matter the vehicle, bigger is almost always better when it comes to wheels and tires. Tuners are turning their attention to vehicles like the Cadillac Escalade and Ford Expedition, so if a mid-size sedan can wear a 20-inch wheel and tire package, a large SUV needs an even bigger wheel and tire to achieve the same cosmetic 'look.'"

The STX has an aggressive, directional tread pattern and two wide, full-depth circumferential grooves coupled with a center-to-shoulder groove that removes water from beneath the footprint, reducing the risk of hydroplaning.

Large stable tread blocks provide sure footing and crisp handling, while nylon belt and bead reinforcement ensures durability.

The STX is now available in 23 sizes, ranging from 255/60R15 to 305/30R26.