Federal launches Formoza FD1

Dec. 3, 2002

Federal Corp. officially has launched its new premium all-season performance touring radial, the Formoza FD1. Federal previewed the tire at the recent International Tire Expo in Las Vegas, Nev.

"I believe Formoza FD1 will be well accepted in the market," says President Jamie Ma. "We have introduced a new tire for the second consecutive year now."

The Formoza FD1 features two wide circumferential grooves designed to channel away water from the tread. The tread block is designed to provide more uniform contact pressure, which improves dry and wet handling, increases ride comfort and reduces irregular wear.

The bold center rib provides lateral handling stability. Siped shoulder blocks provide added traction and reduce regidity and noise level.

High-quality carbon black helps increase tire durability and wear resistance, while an advanced rubber compound with Solution Syrene Butadiene rubber helps maximize safety and increase fuel efficiency, says the company.

The tire's stylish tread pattern and sidewall are designed using TFT technology.

In a recent test at the Tire & Vehicle Test Center in Pearsall, Texas, the company says the tire handled "exceptionally well" in wet and dry conditions without a trade-off in braking, noise level or ride comfort.

"The Formoza FD1 is positioned as a premium tire for luxury car owners," says Richard Huang, Federal's vice president of sales and marketing.

Two V-rated sizes, 165/45R15 and 165/55R14, are available this month. Six more sizes will be introduced during the first quarter of 2003: 155/55R14, 185/55R15, 175/60R13, 205/60R13, 165/60R14 and 215/60R16.

Eventually, there will be 30 H- and V-rated sizes, says a company spokesman.

"Our R&D team will keep working hard to develop tires that satisfy consumers' needs," says Ma.

Two 20-inch sizes in Federal's new SS595 (for "Super Steel") Z-rated, ultra-high performance tire line will be introduced in the second quarter.

The company will introduce its Couragia high performance SUV tire in H- and V-rated sizes during the third quarter of 2003.